Carpet remnants are basically the leftover carpet pieces from a proper carpeting job. If someone orders too much carpet for their home, they pieces leftover can be sold on the market for a reduced price. This is an inexpensive alternative for people who need to redo their carpeting. Some people try to leftover carpet to cover their entire flooring, and others have more practical uses, such as area rugs.

In another aspect, it’s always a good idea to keep the leftover carpeting after you’ve carpeted your home. This can help you out in the future if you have a stain that refuses to go away, or some permanently damaged carpet.

Other uses for the remnants of carpet include bathroom mats, kitchen rugs, pet rugs, and any other hard to reach areas of the home. Many people like to place them in corners to prevent dust and dirt from building up. They also work great in high traffic hallways, especially if you have kids or pets in the house. Leftover carpet can be found in some discount carpet stores online, but it can be difficult to locate. If you’re lucky, you can locate a store that specializes in leftover carpet.