Fire Knot

If you know nothing about a theme, especially when it tends to be an important part of an unforgettable event, better get yourself out of the brink.
Someone signed me up to be my friend’s wedding planner just last year – mind you, that is the most regrettable role I have ever accomplished.

When they decided to tie the knot, I knew exactly they want to have a western ceremony emphasizing the ambiance of the area unhabituated by Cowboys and Indians.
The main attraction in the open field setting for the reception was the giant bonfire blazed by an enormous propane fire pit.

As a wedding planner, it is my job to keep the fire glowing, manage the catering, and check the people and to have frequent updates of the weather (You cannot ruin someone’s wedding by that mistake, right?).

However, like what the old folks there have said, you wouldn’t dare to butt in what has never been tested for such an important occasion. The fire sucked the colorful buntings hanging over the whole reception area. With the thought that water kills fire, some men pour some buckets over the flames but instead of surrendering, its anger blew up some more. It was a fire extinguisher that saved me from embarrassment.
It was a good thing that someone out there understands what propane is, so just a piece of advice, take time to read and be curious for a while – mind you, it pays.