Pintle hitch

Your stacked area or storage room might be pictured always as a dark dusty space where you place your tools, wrench, pintle hitch, car parts, unused baby strollers, skiing paraphernalia and everything you don’t need yet for storage. Didn’t you know that this kind of perspective you have on your storage is a bit wrong?

Your storage has to be always clean, illuminated and organized because you keep valuable, sensitive and of high cost materials, stuffs and tools which you cannot afford of losing. So, it is just fair to clean up the area a little bit one Saturday morning and stir up those cobwebs on the ceiling.

As a tip, aim for a spacious working place at the middle of the room. This way, you are encourage stacking your stuffs near the walls for better organization and would enhance the space it covers. You won’t surely like a working place where you can hit your elbows everywhere because of a narrow space to work with.
You can check the internet for some storing tips if you want. But for me, you can just start by clearing up the area and pile everything up in a neat drawer.