Sites like chatroulette

The turning point in the video chatting industry came with the introduction of chat roulette application. This application led to revival of many dead or on the verge of dying websites. Websites which were introduced based on the idea of networking and helping people connect despite the barriers of boundaries were failing devoid of a revolutionary concept that soon came in the form of chat roulette as a savior. This application gave birth to many sites like chatroulette which have spawned in the industry at a very fast rate.

Still, upon analysis, we find that many of these sites are struggling with certain disadvantages while others have improved upon the basic idea to create a place of its own in this competitive world. Many newer networking site features along with the chatroulette application are proving to be of interest to tons and thousands of users who have formed a group of loyal fans of these sites.

The most popular ones among these in European and American market have tons of thousands of users active and online at any given time. Though it seems easy but the administrative effort of running these sites is massive. The control and check on the rules and regulations is a huge factor in bringing right audience and removing the fake advertisers from these sites.