Using Paypal for Buying Bitcoins (BTC)

It is a hard task to buy Bitcoins through Paypal, as it is not permitted by the main Bitcoin exchanges. The reason for this is mainly because Bitcoin exchanges consider that there is a chance of fraud, as some fraudulent buyers, who receive the bought Bitcoins but claim deceitfully that they did not receive them, often get supported by Paypal for chargeback. Paypal also does not support Bitcoin as it deals in electronic currency as well and regard Bitcoin as a competitor.

It is still possible to buy Bitcoins with Paypal, this can be done if you buy Bitcoins from individuals but mutual trust is required if you go for this option.

Try to find a website that helps in exchanging digital currency, make a new account there and fill necessary and personal details and register your account, it is recommended to change your password after confirmation of your account, now fund your Paypal account by clicking on the deposit tab and select Payapal express, after this you need to buy SLL in exchange for US dollars, after SLL gets transferred to your account now you can buy Bitcoins with SLL, now at the end click on the withdraw tab and transfer Bitcoins to the approved wallet that you use. This is a secure, reliable and efficient way to buy BTC by using Paypal.